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Note.  The OWNRy has been dismantled and no longer exists. Any questions can be sent to the email below.  Also please read the post below this to see pictures of last operating sessions and also a video of the teardown

 The OWNRy (Oregon, Washington, Navigation & Railway) is was protolanced N scale layout based in Pacific Northwest. With Portland, Oregon as the major division point, 5 major Class 1 railroads intersected both freight and passenger traffic.  The Union Pacific, delivers freight and passengers to and from Portand and the east coast via La Grande, Oregon. The SP&S (jointly run by both GN and NP) runs from Spokane through Pasco, Wa then along the North Bank to Portland.  The Southern Pacific serves as a conduit from Portland to California.  Pool traffic runs from Seattle and Tacoma to Portland. The OWNry also operates a fictional branchline from Yakima and Walla Walla and Lyons Ferry to Pasco, Washington for interchange. CTC  is used for track authority on the mainlines with Digitrax DCC for engine control along with car cards and waybills for freight forwarding.  It also features several class one passenger trains, including City of Portland, the Daylight, Empire Builder and Northcoast Limited. The trackwork is complete, with scenery about 65% complete (needs more detail) and expect another 20% complete this winter.

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Photos from the last operating sesion here

Here are some snap shots from an operating session 0ctober 2009.

Also from Spring 2009 full operating session.

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Last Moments on the OWNRy

The layout is gone but not the memory.

In June 2013, The crew arrived on Friday night and we ran trains til late.  The next day we again operated and ran trains better part of the day but when temps rose to 105 we called it quits and drove into town for a movie and dinner in air conditioned comfort.  Here are some pix from the operations.

Saturday night we began the dismantle and cataloguing of all cars and engines 

When we tore down the layout, a friend of mine brought his GoPro camera and we did a timelapse photovideo of the actual teardown process.

6 friends came down from the Pacific Northwest to help with the 3 day process.  Most of the big work occured over a shorter period time as documented by this video.


End of an Era

The layout is coming down mid June 2013 because we are moving.  See the blog post


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Firewood in Winter

  It rains a lot up here in foothills, averaging 60 inches of rain and occasionally we get snow. We heat our home with wood.  Heat the layout room with propane wall heater.  here are some photos