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Special Guest Visit - Mark Bridgwater

About 20 years ago when I lived up in Puget Sound on eastside I met a man recently arrived to the area from Callfornia.  for the next 5 years we worked on my layout and planned and began to build his layout.  Then I moved to California and about 2 times per year would travel up to see him and work on his layout. Never operate as we were always working.  

He finally found time in his busy schedule to visit the OWNRy down here and we ran trains.

Mark Bridgwater is a wonderful father, freind and pretty darn good modeler.  Hopefully he will again resurrect the Feather River Canyon RR in his new home currently being built in in Redmond, WA.

Mark running the Portland Yard. Or is it running him?


Schedule for rest of Summer and early Fall

While I haven't posted much recently we have been operating weekly all summer.

Wanted to give you dates the OWNRy will be operating in "Fun Run" mode For August and September. Please 

Normal operations times are 5-7:30 PM. There is still enough daylight for longer drives so If we get any "out of town" guests from Sacramento, Chico and/or bay area, we could begin earlier.  just let me know.

There are some breaks in the weeks due to travel plans AND we will move to Tuesdays for the fall beginning late August
Here are the dates for your planning purposes.  I know the regulars are having a lot of fun and the layout is running well. 
Full OP sessions will be held
Friday Sept. 28 0900-1600
Saturday Sept 29.  0930-1800 
Please contact me to mark up.

Here are the rest of dates for plannng purposes.  
Note change to Tuesday here for the fall

Regular Fun Runs in October (before we head south for winter)
Tuesday Sept 24 5-7:30 PM
Tuesday October 2:  5-7:30
Tuesday October 9: 5-7:30
Tuesday October 16 5-5:30
Kent Williams


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Lovers Busted

While switching cars the other day this Portland Terminal brakeman noticed a pair of lovers stealing a kiss over by the Portland Union Station.


OWNRy layout video tour during NMRA

Last week during NMRA tours, the guys from Model Railroad Hobbyist stopped by and Joe took this short video.

Today Charlie stopped by to do more video and photos for the magazine.


and thus begins the X2011 Sacramento NMRA convention

With the advance section in bay area I get to play for three days. operating layouts, tours, hanging out with old friends. meeting new ones. last night I operated 2 mine turns on the Western Maryland. today am running the "Crusher" on the Santa Cruz Northern. tonight a dinner cruise on the USS Potomac in bay. Sunday will be touring layouts en route to Sacramento convention center. the beginning of a busy week. the OWNRy will host 2 operating sessions, a bus tour, a day of self guided tours and a couple visits by special guests. plus 5 trips down the hill including this one to bay area.

should be fun.
notice the flag on top of Union Station on the OWNRy