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Rock Quarry on the Mud Bay & Southern

Jim Younkins has been hard at work on his N Scale empire. Having recently been driving dupm truck he frequented a large rock quarry and decided to model it. Where at on his already completed layout? Why not remodel? He has been sending me photos so I am now sharing them. (They are different sizes though). Below is a little slide show but you can see the slide show on my Picasa photo website where you can also download any of the photos


OWNRy Operating session October 27

Ran 23 trains. 9 crew members, rookie dispatcher (me).

Here are some photos. Just updated 11.8.07 with new photos from Stephen WIlliams

For larger version of photos or to download - click here


Donner Pass September 2007

Wednesday Sept 5, I went hiking up in Donner Pass area of Sierra Mountains in California. Went up in Coldwater canyon near Donner lake then headed back home and stopped at Yuba Gap. Here are some trains I saw including the special "Railventures" passenger train (not Amtrak) 8 minutes.


Mishap at Black River

Last night as a BLS crew was running on the Mud Bay & Southern Ry near Black River there was a near fatal crash. Evidently the bridge over the Black River was out. BLS #10 hit the ground and skidded several feet before coming to rest hanging precariously over the Black River. When questioned, the engineer said the first he knew there was a problem was when he felt the engine lurch to the ground. The conductor said he didn't know anything about it and wouldn't comment further. The MB&S general manager had no comment. So, the question is, who was running the train? No one seems to know for sure. A full investigation is pending. (Photos and text courtesy of Jim Younkins)


Southern Pacific Shasta Route, Black Butte Subdivision

Operating an HO Model Railroad of the Southern Pacific Shasta Route, Black Butte Subdivision in 1952 era. Layout owner is Otis McGee. Website. What a delight to be able to run on this layout. I will re-record these videos in higher quality next operating session, if Otis invites me back. See links below to photo gallery and videos. Links will open a new browser page.

Some still photos here.

Video - Operating "The Scoot" local passenger train.

Video - running North Coast Periishable train from Dunsmuir to Klamath.."Up the hill"...

Video - Dunsmuir yard engine terminal