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Black Butte Sunset

From Dunsmuir we ascended 1300 ft elevation through the Cantara Loop, past Mt Shasta City to Black Butte. This is where the old Southern Pacific line heads east over to Klamath Falls, however the line splits and a branch heads up to Weed and over Siskiyous. There is a wye track which allowed out train to turn around to head back to Dunsmuir, however we were delayed 90 minutes to wait for an express container train called the "Z train" headed up into Oregon, then the dispatcher couldn't get detection of the switch so the conductor had to go out, throw the switch manually and talk the engineer through the red signal.

The major benefit was that I was able to take this photo of the sunset behind us while waiting.


Jack London Square

The home of Jack London still exists here, at least half of it is preserved. What I find most intersting most interesting is the railroad mainline goes right down the middle of the street. I disembarked the train in the middle of the road where I met my friends, walked 2 blocks to a dockside restaurant,then back to car. While driving out to hotel I snapped this shot.


4 day railfain adventure

This is an experiment in public transportation today since I am currently on the Capital Corridor train bound for Emeryville. quite a fun ride. boarded an Amtrak bus in Auburn then connected with Amtrak 543. am sitting at a table in Car 2 typing this blog post on my iPad. Phil and his spouse are meeting me at Jack London Square for dinner then will drop me off at hotel in Emeryville. Tomorrow morning I board a really cool train with some good friends and ride up the old Southern Pacific route through Sacramento to Dunsmuir, CA for Railroad days.

what's also cool is that i took these photos with my little pocket camera, then transferred it to the iPad, cropped it in PS Express App the inserted it into this blog post. NO big computer!

so now i can take photos with iPhone, or small camera and put them right up on blog. this is going to be fun.


New Gallery photos from last Winter

These photos taken by Jim Younkins during his annual winter visit to work on the OWNRy.  His photos have inspired me to get into more serious photography with a new camera.

Click on this link


Railfanning Donner Pass with N Scalers

N Scalers up on Donner PassLast Friday I met up with a group of out of town N Scalers who flew in to Sacramento for some railfanning.  Sacramento Rail Museum, Uncle Pete's Roseville yard, then up to Donner Pass and Truckee.  they went on to Portola to visit the Western Pacific Historical museum and drive the engines then down the Feather River Canyon.  Really fun to hang out with these guys.  here is a shot.