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OWNRy Fun Runs

the OWNRy hosts 2 full formal operating sessions per year during the spring and fall with a full complement of 32 trains.  however, the rest of the year is for "fun runs".  these could be as little as the owner (me) running a train around the layout to test something or perform some yard switching.  it could mean a couple of my regulars (see photo) coming over 2-3 times per month for a couple of hours and we run some trains and do some switching according to the schedule of trains or whatever the train superintendent sees is needed.  Occasionally someone will contact me and ask to come visit the layout.  Often, in this case, I will set up a "fun run" of 2-3 hours duration where we run some of the trains.  Mainline authority is ABS signals with "mother may I" and operate otherwise according to the rules of the road.  the atmosphere is relaxed and provides a good venue for learning.  we have a couple of new boomers who have begun to join us.

Let me know if/when you plan to be in my area and we will schedule a fun run.


Milwaukie Pool Train Entering Portland


later in session, cars collect in Seattle and in Portland so the yardmaster calls for a pool train to exchange cars.  here is one such train entering Portland.


4th annual "Foothills Rail" Operations Weekend coming up

what began 4 years ago with 4 guys coming down from Pacific NW to hang out watch trains and run some model trains has morphed into a 4 day event wiht 4-5 modelr railroads either on tour or in operation.  this year 10 operators coming down from Portland area.  and 3 local operators.  5 layouts have graciously offered for us to come over and operate.  should be fun


Port of Portland Grain Elevator

Port of Portland Grain Complexin the 60's and 70's Grain from the midwest fields is transported by train in both hoppers and in box cars.  The Port of Portland grain complex on the OWNRy is set up to accomodate unloading of both types of cars.  Midwest railroad yardmasters, in their eagerness to get cars out of their yards, however do not sort or block the grain cars by type, often leaving it to the Portland local to sort the cars prior to delivery.  trains deliver 10-12 cars at a time then pick up the empties to be returned to the midwest for future shipments.


Portland Industrial area coming together

View from the endAm still learning how to post to this blog.  hopefully you can click on the thumbnail to the right and see larger image?  let me know.  this was taken using my older iPhone camera from the end of new Portland Industrial area.  the produce company is merely a placeholder until Jim Younkins builds the new one with 4 car spots.  still need to ballast.