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New Portland Industrial Area

Industries and (car spots)Had last week off on vacation and 2 freinds come down to visit and help with layout so we moved Eugene staging out to garage and, in its place built Portland Industrial area.  has 5 new industries, 17 new car spots in addition to Portland Grain.

Explosive growth in Portland industrial will served by locals.  (see attached amended photo with industries and spot numbers). 

think it will be fun. Biggest issue for Portland YM will be where to hold cars for local switcher.  SP and SP&S share the trackage and on my model railroad, they will share the rights and work.  work will be done by 2 tricks of 5-6 cars each. AM and PM.  
Portland Grain will be served separately by grain train.  should make for interestingswitching but doable because we tested it last week.  whomever doing it will need to use the storage tracks (2).




Rocklin Sub Inaugural Run

Today I helped dispatch the Inaugural run on Dave Houston's Rocklin Sub HO model railroad near Sacramento, CA.  Since they had me busy as dispatcher I didn't get out much to railfan. we used Track Warrants (TWC) to provide authority for train movements on the mainline and ran 21 beautiful LONG trains.  12 operators.  I didn't take many photos or much video due to my dispatcher responsibilities.  What a lot of fun.


Here are some photos

here is a couple minutes worth of video:


Rocklin Sub Fun Run

 Dave Houston runs his own business in Sacramento called Daylight Sales.  He also is becoming a very good model railroader.  His HO basement layout is called the Rocklin Sub. 

 Near Chatsworth Tunnel

 Yesterday (Jan 2, 2010) we celebrated the new year with a little informal operating session.  Since I served as Desert yardmaster there wasn't much time to photograph the layout.  here is one little scene I did get a chance to photo.  wish I had more depth of field but this is using my HD movie camera.  more later on this wonderfully beautiful and fun to operate layout.  Thank you Dave for your "field of dreams".


Rochester Yard on the Mud Bay & Southern

Recently I was up in Olympia to operate on one of my favorite layouts, Jim Younkins' Mud Bay & Southern. The morning session found me in Rochester yard and the afternoon in Mud Bay. I got so busy running the yard that I didn't get much time to railfan. here is a brief 4 minute video from the session in Rochester. Incredible detailed scenery.


Chama Yard on the Cumbres & Toltec RR

Visiting Cumbres & Toltec RR here in Chama, New Mexico

We will ride the tourist train tomorrow up to and back from Osier. Today, however, I went down to yard this afternoon after the tourists all departed from their ride during the day, when the real action begins as the road crew switches out tomorrow's consist, then the yard hostelers clean and ready the engine for tomorrow's duty. did you see this? watched them switch out, wash the coal, dump ashes, wow.. walked all over.

If there is such a thing as "railroad heaven". Doesn't get much better than this. Like it was back in early 50's when my father was a railroader, and in some ways like it was when my grandfather worked for old OWR&N railroad 100 yrs ago as an engine hosteler in Starbuck, Washington. I could smell the coal cinders and remembered them from my childhood days in summer out with my father.

I spent 3 hours until sundown in the cold wind freezing to get the latest photos and video. And to top it off, Sraddha made fresh minestrone soup when I got back to trailer. (last photo in album).

local internet isn't letting me upload video. may have to wait until home for that

And, no, I won't be switching to Narrow guage modeling...too much work but really neat.

And, no, I won't be switching to Narrow guage modeling...too much work but really neat.
Photos here.

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