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Galloping Goose and Dolores, Colorado

first, we are staying at Dolores, CO, RV park. found it in AAA camping book. this is about 30 minutes north of Mesa Verde where spouse really really wanted to visit.

As we are driving into town I see a sign at a station on the left that says "Denver & Rio Grande Southern". Yes, I have heard of it. in fact know that there are a lot of narrow-minded, er...narrow guage guys who model this. Hmm. museum...hmm. so today, after 1.5 days of looking at cliff dwellings, I finally get to stop and take a look.. WOW. see attached photo. Didn't realize Dolores essentially midpoint of DRGS between Ridgeway (never heard of until today) and Durango (where I am headed on Saturday to ride a train). not only that, but it is home to the Galloping Goose #5 and I have that model at home. however, sigh, the Goose is over running in Chama this weekend and coming back here on Monday. Wait. we are going ot Chama on Monday...darn..
anyway, still a find. amazing what you find when you are not looking. (or don't find).

well, onto other trains.


My Life as a Hobo

from a post on PCR by Bob Booth

Blog here
Pete, the author, was my best friend in High School, both of us avid HO modelers, and shared things like stealing switch lanterns from the SN RR and walking on the old NCNG Bear River trestle after hitching a ride up to Colfax.
Pete has put togeather a nostalgic recollection of riding the rails in the waining days of steam - Any of you that can getg thru it without wet eyes is NOT a railroad buff.


Riding the Skunk Train

Got to ride the Skunk train last week. IN THE CAB! Listen!


Mud Bay & Southern expands its 44 toner fleet

My friend Jim is at it again. hard to keep up with his creativity. Below are some photos of the Bachman GE 44 ton switcher as customized for his layout using MTL 905 Z scale couplers.

Here is what he said in his email to me:
" As you've seen, I finally finished the last of my three 44 tonners. Now all three are decaled and ready for service in their respective places. I'm going to use the MB&S unit for the Bordeaux Local. The Local usually only has five or six cars at the most. I made Cascade Paper Co. decals for the yellow 44 tonner. It's going to be the paper mill switcher eventually. The other red one I put the Simpson lettering on and will use it at the McCleary door plant."


Special delivery

While in Portland I discovered that the Central Brewing Company of Vanvouver, BC, had built a facility to brew a really good beer called “Steelhead Stout”. So I ordered a car load to be sent to the CEO of Younkins Paper Company.

WARNING. the CEO's keys to his Mini have been confiscated.

Please view the slide show of the deed

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