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SP&S Passenger Train to Portland

Last night during our weekly 2 hour "fun run" operating session I ran the new SP&S 750 passenger train which ahuls the President of the OWNRy lines around his railroad.

It was fun.  


Rocklin Sub Inaugural Run

Today I helped dispatch the Inaugural run on Dave Houston's Rocklin Sub HO model railroad near Sacramento, CA.  Since they had me busy as dispatcher I didn't get out much to railfan. we used Track Warrants (TWC) to provide authority for train movements on the mainline and ran 21 beautiful LONG trains.  12 operators.  I didn't take many photos or much video due to my dispatcher responsibilities.  What a lot of fun.


Here are some photos

here is a couple minutes worth of video:


Rochester Yard on the Mud Bay & Southern

Recently I was up in Olympia to operate on one of my favorite layouts, Jim Younkins' Mud Bay & Southern. The morning session found me in Rochester yard and the afternoon in Mud Bay. I got so busy running the yard that I didn't get much time to railfan. here is a brief 4 minute video from the session in Rochester. Incredible detailed scenery.


Railfanning the North Bank Road

While in Portland I had the chance to railfan the North Bank Road SP&S layout and Tennessee Pass (DRG&W) layout.

Photos here


Snow removal in Columbia Gorge

While you have had a lot of fun the past 2-3 weeks iwht snow up in Pacific NW, we have had our fun here on the OWNRy also. Photos here.

Best wishes for a more prosperous and fun 2009!!