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Railfanning Donner Pass with N Scalers

N Scalers up on Donner PassLast Friday I met up with a group of out of town N Scalers who flew in to Sacramento for some railfanning.  Sacramento Rail Museum, Uncle Pete's Roseville yard, then up to Donner Pass and Truckee.  they went on to Portola to visit the Western Pacific Historical museum and drive the engines then down the Feather River Canyon.  Really fun to hang out with these guys.  here is a shot.


Model Railroads in Portland.

Last weekend I traveled up to Portland. OR area for Meet N March and had the opporturnity to view and operate on several layouts, both HO and N scale.  All layouts here represent high quality modeling.  There were other layouts I viewed but didn't take photos.  If ever you are up in Portland, these are worth visiting. Since i was operating on these layouts, I didn't get a lot of good photos but here are a few.

- Jim Younkins' N scale "Mud Bay & Southern Ry" in Olympia, WA
- Dave Bond's HO scale "Never Come Never Go (NCNG) railroad in Chehalis.  Also the historical society layout in Chehalis depot.
- Rob Carey's N scale DRG&W "Tennessee Pass" near Portland, OR
- Charlie Comstock's HO scale "Bear Creek & Western" near Portland, OR

link is


Rochester Yard on the Mud Bay & Southern

Recently I was up in Olympia to operate on one of my favorite layouts, Jim Younkins' Mud Bay & Southern. The morning session found me in Rochester yard and the afternoon in Mud Bay. I got so busy running the yard that I didn't get much time to railfan. here is a brief 4 minute video from the session in Rochester. Incredible detailed scenery.


Railfanning the North Bank Road

While in Portland I had the chance to railfan the North Bank Road SP&S layout and Tennessee Pass (DRG&W) layout.

Photos here


Snow removal in Columbia Gorge

While you have had a lot of fun the past 2-3 weeks iwht snow up in Pacific NW, we have had our fun here on the OWNRy also. Photos here.

Best wishes for a more prosperous and fun 2009!!