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SP&S Passenger Train to Portland

Last night during our weekly 2 hour "fun run" operating session I ran the new SP&S 750 passenger train which ahuls the President of the OWNRy lines around his railroad.

It was fun.  


Railfanning Donner Pass with N Scalers

N Scalers up on Donner PassLast Friday I met up with a group of out of town N Scalers who flew in to Sacramento for some railfanning.  Sacramento Rail Museum, Uncle Pete's Roseville yard, then up to Donner Pass and Truckee.  they went on to Portola to visit the Western Pacific Historical museum and drive the engines then down the Feather River Canyon.  Really fun to hang out with these guys.  here is a shot.


My Life as a Hobo

from a post on PCR by Bob Booth

Blog here
Pete, the author, was my best friend in High School, both of us avid HO modelers, and shared things like stealing switch lanterns from the SN RR and walking on the old NCNG Bear River trestle after hitching a ride up to Colfax.
Pete has put togeather a nostalgic recollection of riding the rails in the waining days of steam - Any of you that can getg thru it without wet eyes is NOT a railroad buff.


Riding the Skunk Train

Got to ride the Skunk train last week. IN THE CAB! Listen!


Railfanning with Friends = Portola, Proto 48, Clio Trestle

This past weekend several friends came down from the Pacific Northwest area and we had a lot of fun. We toured a local Proto 48 layout where we also rode Gordon's larger train he has in his back yard. Then we ran trains on my layout on Friday.

On Saturday, we went up to the high part of the Feather River canyon. First stop we watched a train across Clio Trestle. (5 minutes). I had never seen one there before.

We visited Portola and the Western Pacific Rail museum where we operated a real Southern Pacific GP9 diesel engine.

Later we toured Williams loop and Keddie Wye but saw now trains. Just missed BNSF train . Will H. took some photos of it.

We passed Blairsden on way home and stopped for a coffee but the shop was closed. However we saw a green signal so stayed around for a while. Here is the footage of the auto train we saw.

Coming home over the high pass (6500 feet), we just got through as the snow descended upon us. The Mini Coopers did well. See photo slide show.

Sunday we toured Binney Junction in Marysville, then headed south to Roseville yard to watch the action. Later Jim and John headed home and the rest of us went over to see the new UPRR trestle. No trains there. Greg and I headed home and caught one last train going up over Donner. We found it in Auburn, then again at Cape Horn up past Colfax. The rainbow was incredible. A perfect ending to a really fun weekend.

You can view the videos on my mini Blog also