Photos and Comments on my Model Railroad.


Layout Diagram

 This is current layout diagram designed by Dave Clemens.

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This area will be updated shortly


Here are some photos taken just after Christmas.




Briefly, the OWNRy (Oregon, Washington, Navigation & Railway) is a protolanced N scale layout based in Pacific Northwest in the era of 1970 around the BN merger.  It combines Class 1 passenger and freight operations with lots of switching. Portland, Oregon serves as the major division point,  with 5 major Class 1 railroads intersecting both freight and passenger traffic.  The Union Pacific, delivers freight and passengers to and from Portland and the east coast via La Grande, Oregon . The SP&S (jointly run by both GN and NP) runs from Spokane through Pasco, Wa. then along the North Bank to Portland Terminal (jointly operated by SP&S, NP, GN and SP).  The Southern Pacific serves as a conduit from Portland to California via Eugene .  Pool traffic runs from Seattle and Tacoma to Portland. The OWNry also operates a fictional branchline from Yakima and Walla Walla and Lyons Ferry to Pasco, Washington for interchange. CTC  is used for track authority on the mainlines with Digitrax DCC for engine control along with car cards and color coded waybills for freight, express car and pullman car forwarding. Dispatching can be done from local desk or has been done from remote location 700 miles distant using VoIP and JMRI.  It also features several class one passenger operations with trains, including City of Portland, the Daylight, Empire Builder and Northcoast Limited. The trackwork is complete, with scenery about 70% complete (needs more detail) and expect another 15% complete this winter. First operating session was May 2003 with normally 2 full day operating sessions per year of up to 14 crew and more regular shorter "fun runs" on 1-2 times per month. Over past 7 years, the OWNRy has held 21 full operating sessions and about 55 "fun runs".

Key areas include CTC dispatch (ABS for fun runs); 2 main double ended classification yards: Portland, and Seattle and Pasco junction yard, each with yardmasters and yard switchers.
Layout space in 250 square ft. with approximately 300 feet of mainline.
5 staging track areas allow for up to 22 trains of up to 15 cars each. 
2 branchlines serve Walla Walla and Yakima industries from Pasco.
Major remodel just completed of Eugene staging (SP) and NE Portland Industrial area to accomodate additional online and offline industries and trains.